2015 Toronto International Auto Show

The 2015 Toronto International Auto Show is here - see supercars up close, including a range of cars that drive themselves (see the 2014 Mercedes S-Class video below). It’s not that you should just let the car drive itself, after all, this technology is just starting to be implemented into cars, but the idea that it can drive itself, read street signs, etc. is amazing.

2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class Drives Itself

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Other Subjects/Comments

A good thing to discuss with your students is what backgrounds the engineers have who design the supercars that appear at the autoshow. How technology is passed down from one car manufacturer to another over time - what will the future technology of cars be like?

In a business class, the patents on various cars can be discussed - for instance, the left/right signal lights on the side mirrors, a heated steering wheel to name a few, and why many cars don’t implement them as a standard feature due to having to pay royalties.

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