Apple To Buy Dr. Dre’s Beats Firm For $3.2 Billion

Apple To Buy Dr Dre’s Beats Firm For $3.2 Billion

Apple To Buy Dr Dre’s Beats Firm For $3.2 Billion

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Business Studies

What gains can Apple get from making this massive purchase? What losses? What factors go into determining how much a company is worth or how much a company will sell itself for?

A question all companies must ask themselves before they sell is, if they are already getting good sales, why sell the company when they can sell more products and increase their revenue? On the other hand, if they sell the company, they can get a large sum of money all at once, which can be potentially invested into something else. What steps should a company go through and what questions should they ask themselves before determining if it’s worth it to sell their company to someone else?


Dr. Dre Headphones are known for their excellent sound quality and noise-cancelling effects. Describe how noise cancellation can be achieved - can it block out one or many frequencies of sound?

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