Cancer by Zip Code

Cancer by Zip Code

Where you live usually determines your socio-economic status, including what your salary is. Did you ever think that a specific location could be linked to a disease? Well, it turns out researchers (watch video below to learn more) have found a correlation between your zip code (study conducted in the United States) and what type of cancer you are likely to get.

Cancer by Zip Code


There are many ways to get various cancers, but based on the types of cancer that people get in certain socio-economic status areas, can you determine with relative certainty what could cause these cancers?


They mention that a big reason why those who are wealthy don’t get cancers that are as severe is because they go for screening ahead of time, or for something like a colonoscopy. Can screening ahead of time be an option for those in low socio-economic areas if they know they are at greater risk for certain types of cancers? Why or why not?

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