Checkout Donations - Where Does Your Money Go?

Checkout Donations - Where Does Your Money Go?

Charity at the Checkout

When you’re at the check-out, a lot of stores ask if you would like to make a donation to a charitable cause. A lot of customers feel like they are being put on the spot, and sometimes even feel pressured to make a donation so they don’t look bad.

Some customers at a particular retail store found it reasonable to ask how much of their money is actually going to the cause (i.e. after a part of it goes to administration for instance). Unfortunately, many of the companies accepting donations don’t inform their customers where their money is actually going, which makes some customers frustrated. Many customers even wanted to know how much money the store itself would pledge to the charity, but none of this information was available to customers.

It makes one ask the question - should people just make donations directly to the cause, instead of going through a third-party? Third parties will incur extra costs, which will be deducted from your donation - is it still worth it?

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