Donald Sterling Comments Spark Outrage

Donald Sterling Comments - Business and Social Sciences & Humanities

NBA to Decide the Fate of Donald Sterling Accused of Racist Comments

Subjects you can easily integrate this into:

Business Studies

What can happen to the owner in terms of these comments? Can he be prevented from owning the Basketball team, or is it solely up to him?

Furthermore, how can one prove that this is actually Donald Sterling saying these comments? How does the First Amendment fit into all of this?

Talk about how this issue progresses in terms of lawsuits as well.

Social Sciences & Humanities

What role does Social Justice and equity play here? 70% of the players on the Basketball team are black, but the owner allegedly made negative comments regarding persons of black color - talk about how the 30% white population of the basketball team supported their fellow teammates as they also became outraged by the comments.

How can this support from fellow teammates be an excellent example to minority students in schools?

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