Everything is Hackable, Including Apple Products

Everything is Hackable, Including Apple Products


Apple certainly makes a lot of popular devices for people today, ranging from iPods to iPads to MacBooks. One popular reason why a lot of consumers buy Apple products is because “they never get viruses”, or “they are unhackable”. One questions where these ideas were actually tested…everything is hackable, and this was definitely proven recently to some iPad owners in Australia.

A good thing to talk to with your students is how to keep their information safe, including not using the same password for multiple accounts, because if one gets hacked, it’s then too easy for the hacker to hack another one of your things.

Second, it’s good to teach your students to become more literate in this world - we are being exposed to so many advertisements and “facts” everywhere, everyday - but how do you know any of it’s true? It’s not necessary to search everything you hear outside on Google, to see if it’s true or not, but it’s always important to have some calm judgement handy, along with some common sense.

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