Giant Sinkhole Opens Up at University Stadium

Giant Sinkhole Opens Up at University Stadium


Sinkholes are a giant hole in the ground left when the ground surface suddenly collapses. Sinkholes have definitely become a more common sight in the past year, and are scary, because they seem to form out of nowhere, and hard to predict.

The most recent sinkhole happened at Austin Peay State University’s stadium in Clarksville, Tennessee. Construction workers were working on the stadium when a sinkhole suddenly opened in the ground beneath them. Although it was only 3 feet by 5 feet on top, it was 40 feet deep - that’s just over 12 metres. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Watch the video below to see one another recent sinkhole that appeared right under a Florida man’s bedroom:

DISCOVERY NEWS: How Scary Sinkholes Are Formed


The video suggests that areas with limestone are more susceptible to getting sinkholes because limestone is more susceptible to erosion. If this is true, what locations contain the greatest amount of limestone?

How easy/difficult would it be to predict the timing and location of a sinkhole forming?

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