GM Recalling its Vehicles…Again

GM Recalling its Vehicles…Again

GM, or General Motors, is a multinational corporation based out of Detroit, Michigan, United States, that creates, manufactures and distributes automobile parts. Some of the cars they create include Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet. After previously recalling millions of vehicles over the past few months for various problems, GM is now once again recalling 2.7 million vehicles, all of which have been created within the last ten years.

Problems range from malfunctioning taillights, cruise control, traction control, and the electronic stability system. It seems like a buyer really needs to do their research before buying a new or used vehicle from any company.

Below you’ll find a video of a massive recall from GM a few months earlier.

Business Studies

What is the possibility of GM getting in major trouble if they knew about a problem and “ignored it”, as the video suggested? Are they liable for the deaths of the persons indicated?


What could possibly happen that would cause the ignition of a car to suddenly stop working? What do you think ends up leading to these mistakes that cause life-threatening injuries? Is it poor planning, or do they need more detail-oriented engineers?

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