Introduction to Business

Resources for Grade 10 Introduction to Business

Please note that courses for Gr 9 and Gr 10 Business are identical, thus they appear twice.


Bill Nye on the Lottery
Bill Nye shows how the chances of winning the lottery are extremely slim.

Introduction to Financial Literacy
Introduction to Financial Literacy 101 - High School Course.

What will it REALLY cost?
If you want to make a purchase on your credit card, how much is that purchase REALLY going to cost you after you’re done paying interest?

Accounting Scandals Rock the Financial World

HR’s role in building sustainable business

A New Look at the 4Ps of Marketing

11 Types of Advertising

Introduction to Accountancy and Finance

National debt biggest issue facing America

Investing Basics - Types of investments - Beginner Info

How to Build a Good Credit Score


Types of Businesses

Forms of Business Ownership Part I
Various types of business ownership, distinguishing features and advantages and disadvantages of each.

Forms of Business Ownership Part II

Business Growth Strategies
Researching growth trends in businesses. Growth strategies and megatrends impact on food, drink and packaging industries.

Comparing Economies of 2 Strongest Countries: Germany and USA
A Comparison of World’s Two Great Economies America and Germany.

Race to the Top of the World - China vs India - BBC
Both countries aiming to take top spot in economical value.


The Meaning of Entrepreneurship

The idea and ideals of entrepreneurship, the creating of value through individual initiative, creativity and innovation.

Entrepreneur Startup Success Story
A Group of Aspiring Entrepreneurs Spend A weekend Masterminding For New innovative Start up Business Ideas.

The Life Of A Young Entrepreneur - Documentary

Shareable Facts: Top ten inventions you didn’t know were Canadian


Role of Marketing in Long-Term Business Success
Highlighting the role marketing plays in business success.

Accounting: Financial Key to Success
Joe from Ashgrove discusses how turning your business model on it’s side, also known as innovating, will usually lead to improved success with your small business.

How to write a Business Plan
Introductory look on how to write business plans.

Balance Sheet Basics
Learn how the balance sheet works with your income statement. What We Have, What We Owe, What We’re Worth.


International Business - Cross-Cultural Communication

Canada’s Major Trading Partners
This video highlights factors Canada considers when choosing suitable trading partners; and highlights the current major trading partners.

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