Career Studies

Resources for Grade 10 Career Studies

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Career Studies

BizKids 3.01 Are You Financially Literate?

BizKids 4.07 Scam-a-rama (Protect Yourself From Being Scammed)

BizKids 4.02 Debt: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

BizKids 4.03 Your First Big Purchase

Resume Writing Tips, How To Write a Creative Resume & Get a Job

Social Networking to Get a Job!

How to Write an Interview Thank You Note

Interview Tips - The Top 5 Job Interview Tips You NEED To Pay Attention To

Phone Interview Tips - Top 5 Telephone Interview Tips You NEED To Be Aware Of

Job Interview Tips - Simple Job Description Tip To Nailing Your Job Interview

How To Prepare For An Interview - 5 Ways You Should Be Preparing For An Interview

Skype Interview - Top 5 Skype Interview Tips That Will Get You In The Door

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