Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Technological Education

Resources for Grade 10 Hairstyling and Aesthetics:


Tips of How to Shampoo Your Client’s Hair

How To do a Quick and Pretty Updo

How to Blunt Cut the Back for Women’s Hairstyles

Basic Soft Layers & Perimeter with a Feather Styling Razor

Shear Slicing Technique

How to do a Dry Haircut: Long Layers, Point Cutting

How to Texture Hair - Texturizing Hair

Barbering Clip on Shear

Barbering: Fading, Tapering, Blending, Clipper Cutting


How to Do a Facial

Honey & Lemon Homemade Face Treatment

How to Exfoliate Your Face Naturally for Oily & Dry Skin

Basic Men’s Skin Care Routine - Essentials for Healthy Skin


How to: Basic Nail & Cuticle Care Tutorial

Shades of Purple Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Pedicure tutorial : Cute toenails in 10 steps

Acrylic Nails


Smokey Pink Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit Tutorial

Purple Eye Shadow Tutorial

Neutral Glam Makeup Tutorial

Sexy Smokey Eyes w/ Warm Touches

Easy Natural eyeshadow tutorial

Facial Makeup Techniques

Bobbi Brown Full Face Makeup Application

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