Business Studies

Resources for Grade 11 Business Studies:

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Using Excel.DOC

Ch 2 & 3 Review.DOC

Chapter 3 Summative Assignment.DOC

Chapter 3 Changes in Financial Position Note.DOC

4.1 Ledger Accounts Note.DOC

4.2 Debit and Credit Theory Note.DOC

4.4 Trial Balance Note & Asg Rubric.DOC

5.1 Revenue, Expenses & Drawings Notes.DOC

5.2 Income Statement Notes.DOC

5.3 Showing Equity on the Balance Sheet Notes.DOC

Review Activity for Chapters 4 and 5.DOC

Ch 4 & 5 Summative Assignment.DOC

Chapters 4 and 5 Test Review.DOC

6.1 The Journal Notes.DOC

6.2 Source Documents Notes.DOC

6.3 PST Notes.DOC

6.4 GST Notes.DOC

Chapter 7 Notes.DOC

Chapter 6 and 7 Assignment with Rubric.DOC

8.1 Six Column Worksheet Notes.DOC

8.2 How Accountants Use Income Statements Notes.PDF

8.3 How Accountants Use Balance Sheets Notes.DOC

8.3 Asg Handouts.PDF

Chapter 8 Assignment with Rubric.DOC

9.1 Adjustment Process & 9.2 Adjusting Entries and the Worksheet Notes.DOC

9.3 & 9.4 Example.PDF

9.3 & 9.4 Closing Entries Notes.DOC

9.5 Adjusting for Depreciation Notes.DOC

Synoptic Journal Activity.DOC

Student Profile & Parent Contact - Accounting.DOC

Journal Paper.DOC

Introductory Accounting Assignment.DOC

Income Statement.XLS

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.DOC

General Journal Paper.XLS

Exam Review Template.XLS

GAAP Activity.PDF

Exam Review Answers.XLS

Equation Analysis Sheet.XLS

Equation Analysis Sheet.DOC

Chapters 10 to 14 Asg.DOC

Balance Sheet.XLS

Balance Sheet Note & Rules.DOC

Accounting for the HST Notes.DOC

Accounting Exam Review.DOC

Accounting Electronically Assignment.DOC

11.1 Periodic Inventory Notes.DOC

11.2 Accounting for a Merchandising Business & 11.6 Perpetual Inventory Notes.DOC

12.1 Subsidiary Ledgers Notes.DOC

12.1 Notes Trial Balance.XLS

12.2 Synoptic Journal Notes.DOC

12.2 Synoptic Journal Template.XLS


Trial Balance.XLS

Transaction Analysis Sheet.XLS


Synoptic Journal.XLS

Information and Communication Technology

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Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (mainly US)

How to Differentiate Accounting From Bookkeeping

Main types of business

Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Organizations

Role of Auditors

Liquidity vs Solvency

Debt Ratio Video Definition

Stocks, Bonds, Funds - What’s the Difference?


The Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

10 Strategies for Startup Success with Jason Nazar - Startups Uncensored #25

A Spotlight on Aboriginal Entrepreneurship

Big Ideas for Jobs: Entrepreneurship as a Job Creation Strategy

‘Get Up’ by Five Stone - Greatest Canadian Inventions

Entrepreneur Series - Financial Planning

Information and Communication Technology

The Key Elements of Your Business Plan

Production Plan

How to Write a Strategic Marketing Plan

Human Resources Plan

The Project Management Plan - Part 1

The Project Management Plan - Part 2

Financial Planning 101 Introduction

FASTEST Way to Build a Website from Scratch (Part 1)

FASTEST Way to Build a Website from Scratch (Part 2)


Quality circles - defined

Managing Conflict - Kaizen

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning - McDonald’s

Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes

What’s YOUR Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Consumer Profile - Demographics

How to Assess Your Marketing Competition

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