Resources for Grade 11 English:

Oral Communication

Malcolm X after return from Mecca

Sally Hogshead: Marketing, Persuasion and Personal Branding Expert

Author Showcase Presents: Mackie Burt (Author of the upcoming novel, “ABOVE”)

Tips for Public speaking and Presentation skills

Body Language and Facial Expression

Reading & Literature Studies

Ian McMillan: Has poetry affected our view of WW1? - BBC World War One

Patterns of Organization for Reading

Creating Character Analysis Mind Map

How to Write a Self-Help Book: Structuring

The Great Chain of Being


Examples of Imagery in Poetry

Essay Writing - Viewer’s Response to Film Techniques

Grade 6 Student Council Winning Speech

VoLT - Improve Vocabulary

Parallelism in Grammar

Track Changes in Word 2010

Writing Effective Introductions and Conclusions

Media Studies

PSA: Slow Down: It’s No Picnic

PSA: Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights

KFC Snacker Hidden Message - Pause at 19 s

Pixar’s Finding Nemo | Documentary: A Lesson In Flashbacks

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