Resources for Grade 11 Physics:

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The simulations below are from the Phet Interactive Simulations,


The Moving Man

The Moving Man

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Ladybug Motion 2D

Ladybug Motion 2D

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My Solar System

My Solar System

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Forces & Motion I

Forces and Motion: Basics

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Forces & Motion II

Forces and Motion

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Forces in 1D

Forces in 1 Dimension

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Energy Skate Park I

Energy Skate Park: Basics

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Energy Skate Park II

Energy Skate Park

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The Ramp

The Ramp

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Waves on a String

Wave on a String

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Wave Interference

Wave Interference

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Ohm’s Law

Ohm's Law

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Battery-Resistor Circuit

Battery-Resistor Circuit

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Magnet & Compass

Magnet and Compass

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Magnets & Electromagnets

Magnets and Electromagnets

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Free Body Diagrams

Process of drawing a Free-Body Diagram.

Kinematics in 1D

Linear motion (one dimension).

Kinematics Car Chase

Position, velocity & acceleration graphs.

Kinematics in 2D

The role of acceleration in 2D kinematics.


Car on a Level Track

Forces on a car - circular motion on a level track.

Newton’s Laws of Motion

Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion.

Centripetal Acceleration

Constantly moving toward the centre.

Unlimited Hydroplanes

Exploring the lack of frictional forces with hydroplanes.

Ferrari Leaves Unwanted Tire Tracks on 600-yr-old Chinese Monument

Explain how skid marks are formed on the ground when you suddenly brake.


Energy, Work & Power

Definitions and simple examples.

Thermal Electricity

How fossil fuels generate electricity.

Wind Turbines

How wind turbines produce electricity.


Standing Waves

The creation of standing wave patterns.

Transverse Waves

A disturbance perpendicular to direction wave will travel.

Longitudinal Waves

Disturbance that is along the direction the wave will travel.

Trans. & Long. Waves

Transverse & Longitudinal Waves


Coulomb’s Law

Compared to the law of gravity.

Ohm’s Law

Explained using a simple circuit.

Charging by Induction

A conductor acquires charge through the process of induction.

Electric Fields

Definitions & sample problems.

Electromagnetic Spectrum Basics

Basic Concepts regarding EM spectrum.

Earth’s Magnetism

Sun’s direct effect on Earth’s EM Field

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Questions & Answers: Every Unit in Grade 11 Physical Sciences

Questions & Answers for Every Unit in Grade 11 Physical Sciences.PDF (Physics: pp. 193-466)
Contributions are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License




00 Mouse Trap Car Project.DOC

1a Forces and FBDs Abbey Park Version.DOC

1b Forces and FBDs Days 1 and 2 Note Answers.PDF

2a 2nd Law Fnet (Horizontal) Extra Practice Sheet.PDF

2b 2nd Law Fnet (Horizontal) Extra Practice Sheet (Answers).PDF

2c 2nd Law Fnet Practice Sheet.PDF

2d 2nd Law Fnet Practice Sheet (Answers).PDF

4a Introduction to Weight and Fg.DOC

4b Introduction to Weight and Fg (Answers).PDF

5a 2nd Law (Vertical) Practice Sheet.PDF

5b 2nd Law (Vertical) Practice Sheet (Answers).PDF

6a 2nd Law Concept Problems.PDF

6b 2nd Law Concept Problems (Answers).PDF

7c Note for Solving 2nd Law Word Problems (Answers).PDF

8a 2nd Law Word Problems.DOC

8b 2nd Law Word Problems (Answers).PDF

9a Note for Solving 3rd Law Word Problems - Together.DOC

9b Note for Solving 3rd Law Word Problems - Together (Answers).PDF

9d 3rd Law Extra Practice - Together (Solutions - 4 pages).PDF

10a 3rd Law Problems - Apart.DOC

10b 3rd Law Problems - Apart (Solutions).PDF

10c Note for Solving 3rd Law Word Problems - Apart.DOC

10d Note for Solving 3rd Law Word Problems - Apart (Answers).PDF


12a Introduction to Friction DEMO - The Hovercraft

12c Introduction to Friction DEMO - The Hovercraft (Answers).PDF

12e Measuring the Coefficient of Friction Lab (Explaining Procedure).DOC

12f Measuring the Coefficient of Friction Lab (Answers).DOC

12g Measuring the Coefficient of Friction Lab.DOC

13a Friction Problems Note (3 Pages).DOC

13b Friction Problems Note (Solutions).DOC

14a Friction Exercises.DOC

14b Friction Exercises (Solutions).DOC

14c Friction Exercises (Solutions for LCD).DOC

21a Forces Quest.DOC

21b Forces Quest (Answers).DOC

21c Forces Quest 2012b MULTIPLE CHOICE Qs.DOC

21d Forces Quest (2012b Answers).PDF

21e Forces Quest 2012.DOC

21f Forces Quest (2012 Answers).PDF

21g Forces Quest 2013.DOC

21h Forces Quest (2013 Answers).PDF

99 More Unit 3 Review Questions (Including Solutions).DOC

99 Review Questions - April 2010 - Involves All Motion and Graphs.DOC

Newton’s Laws Marking Scheme.XLS



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