Social Sciences & Humanities

Resources for Grade 11 Social Sciences & Humanities:

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Equity, Diversity & Social Justice

Understanding Fashion

Fashion Vocabulary.PDF

Working with Infants & Young Children

HPW 3C Unit Plan.DOC

Philosophy: The Big Questions

Philosophy The Big Questions Outline.DOC

Equity Studies

Gender Equity Education - Gender is a Social Construct

This video says “gender” is an artificial construct, and “the family” leads to a “poisoned environment” that could lead to gender stereotyping.

Gender-Based Violence

Eva Mendes and Amie Kandeh of the International Rescue Committee discuss gender-based violence.

Structures of Identities in Society

Throughout the world individuals made up of different cultures, races, genders, sexuality, and social class come together to create communities, families, and livelihoods.

Social Media: Online Activism

Using social media to become activists. Learn about social activism and how to address situations that involve discrimination, harassment, and denial of rights.

Family Studies

BBC - Design Rules - 1 of 6 - Space And Planning

BBC - Design Rules - 2 of 6 - Colour

BBC - Design Rules - 3 of 6 - Lighting

BBC - Design Rules - 4 of 6 - Pattern And Texture

BBC - Design Rules - 5 of 6 - Interior Planning

BBC - Design Rules - 6 of 6 - Personality

Interpersonal Relationship Advice : Maintaining Healthy Friendships

Maintaining healthy friendships is based on knowing and setting healthy boundaries for the friendship.

Interpersonal Relationship Advice : How to Avoid Repetitive Stress

Avoiding repetitive stress takes recognizing the sources of stress and might involve seeking therapy to work out questions.

Interpersonal Relationship Advice : How to Give Respect

Giving respect begins with a healthy amount of self-respect and comes from finding value of true worth in another.

Early Childhood Education

Investigate and evaluate current research about early childhood education.

Raising Healthy Kids

An emotive exposé of the serious difficulties facing our children’s health today and an opportunity to help solve those issues.

General Social Sciences

Thinking Like a Sociologist: Ideal Types and Sociological Perspectives

Conceptual art and homey illustrations are used to explain ideal types and sociological perspectives.

What is Physical Anthropology?

This is a short move made by Anthropology students at ISM. The movie is an introduction to Physical Anthropology.

Introduction to Psychology

An introduction to psychology as a ‘soft’ or ‘inexact’ science, like sociology and anthropology.

Introduction to Sociology - Collective Behaviour

A sample from the Unit on Organization of Social Movements in “Introduction to Sociology”.


A Meaningful Life: Philosophy Project

The definition of a ‘meaningful life’ from students, each of its own perspective.

World Religions

The Life of Buddha, BBC Documentary

The history of Buddhism is the story of one man’s spiritual journey to Enlightenment, and of the teachings and ways of living that developed from it.

Religions of the World: Hinduism (1998 Film)

Through interviews with experts, examination of artifacts, and dramatic reenactments, the major facets of these faiths are brought to light.

How Christianity Spread Throughout The Roman Empire

Documentary on the spread of Christianity through the Roman Empire.

Islam - Empire of Faith: Documentary

A documentary on the religion Islam, and how it is an empire of faith.

Judaism: Inside the Torah - National Geographic

Judaism: Inside the Torah: Kings of Israel - The Story of King David and the Jewish (Israelite) people.

Religion - Taoism

This is a very brief overview of Taoism, and some comparison of Taoism with Confucianism.

Religion - Confucianism

This is a brief lesson on the religion/ethic of Confucianism.

The World: A Television History - The World Religions 600 BC - AD 500 (1983)

“The great world religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Zoroastrianism, and Taoism all developed in Asia within a thousand years.”

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