Resources for Grade 9 Arts:

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Intro & Visual Arts

Elements of Art & Principles of Design
Art History - Applying the elements of art to the design of the artistic work.

The 7 Elements of Art
Examining the seven basic elements of design: colour, value, texture, shape, form, space, and line.

Art Principles
The Art Elements are: Line, Shape, Form, Color, Space, Texture, Mass, and Light.mThe Art Principles are: Contrast, Unity, Balance, Emphasis, Variety, Movement, and Pattern.

Media Arts

History of Photography
It all started with the first permanent photo, an exposure length of 8 hours.

History of Photography II
Evidence of optics in painting and the race to photography. How mood and message are conveyed through photographs.


Bolshoi Theatre - Modern technology behind historical walls
Rexroth has planned, installed and put into operation more than 600 electrical and hydraulic drives, as well as stage control equipment for the upper- and lowerstage machinery.

The History of Western Drama
The history of western drama.


Choreography, Body design & dimension
An in-depth look at high space, mid space and low space with respect to body dimension.

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