Resources for Grade 9 Science:

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JAVA JAVA Required to run simulations. Get it here.

The simulations below are from the Phet Interactive Simulations,




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States of Matter I

States of Matter: Basics

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Static Electricity

Balloons and Static Electricity

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Sustainable Ecosystem
How to ensure that the natural environment can continue to sustain us & itself.

How Ecosystems Work
Look at the processes that are fundamental to all ecosystems. (Clip - How Ecosystems Work: Energy Flow)

Introduction to Biomes
A motivational “trailer” to be shown by teachers in Biology and Ecology classrooms.

Climate, Biodiversity & Human Adaption
A clip from the climate change documentary, Surviving Earth.


Basic Chemistry Concepts I
Nature of matter, elements, atomic structure & Lewis Dot Diagrams.

Atoms - Bill Nye
An introduction to atoms and the nucleus, and how it’s mostly empty space.

Physical & Chemical Properties of Matter
Physical changes result in NO NEW substances and chemical changes result in NEW substances (products) because of a chemical reaction.

The Periodic Table
Patterns and trends in the periodic table.


The Universe: Documentary
Major scientific theories & evidence: formation & evolution of the universe.

Bill Nye - Static Electricity
Bill Nye the Science Guy talks about Static electricity.

Electricity & Circuits
Static & Current electricity. Potential difference, current, and resistance.

Conductors & Insulators
How a conductor permits the flow of electrons, but insulators inhibit the flow of electrons.

Charging by Friction
A very cool experiment demonstrating charging by friction and static electricity.


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