How Much of Your Donation Helps the Cause?


Charities exist so that organizations help raise money from the public to efficiently channel it where it is needed. Of course, it is clear that the people working for the charities have to make a living somehow, and so some of the money they raise goes to their salary. The question we always ask is, “how much”?

This gets even more complicated when the charity is also a lottery - people buy lottery tickets, where they can win prizes, like houses, cars, and vacations, and then some of their ticket revenue goes to the cause. There was recently a lot of concern in the Princess Margaret Hospital and Sick Kids Hospital Charity Lotteries, and Yahoo News checked it out. They ended up finding out that only 4% of the total revenue made from the Hospital Charity Lotteries was actually going to help the hospitals. This is definitely an area of concern…wouldn’t you agree? It seems like this is just a regular lottery. If your heart is really intent on helping the hospitals, perhaps consider donating to the hospital directly.

How Do Charity Lotteries Work?


What are the chances of winning this lottery compared to other provincial/national lotteries? Are there any advantages to buying it?


When people purchase a charity lottery ticket, there is an agreement they agree to. Therefore, can any of the ticket buyers have a case against the lottery that only a small portion of their money actually went to the cause?

If this was about signing a contract to buy merchandise (or some other form of agreement), what happens as soon as you sign into a contract? Are there ways of getting around a contract?

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