New French Trains Don’t Fit in Stations Since Not Measured Properly

This Is What Happens When You Don’t Measure Properly…


It is really expensive to upgrade your country’s transportation system, which is why a lot of places implement one new train at a time, for instance. France went ahead, spending $20 billion, that’s $20, 000, 000, 000 visually, to implement a new set of trains, the Regiolis regional train.

Unfortunately, France’s national train operator didn’t double-check their measurements when they ordered the trains, and now, the trains are having a hard time “fitting”. What that means, is that from France’s 8700 train stations, 1300 of those railway platforms will have to be adjusted, costing the country another $100 million (approximately).

Now you might say, “What’s another $100 million on top of $20 billion?”. But then again, you might think what else they could have done with that $100 million.

An Animation of the Situation

What People in France Have to Say About This Mishap


Talk to your students about the importance of error analysis and double-checking your work. Mistakes can happen in the classroom, but when they happen in the real world with other people’s money, the consequences are significantly larger.


What person would be the last one to review and submit these measurements? What could have happened that they missed this error? What can be done in the future to prevent this type of mishap? What consequences could this individual (last person to view the documents before submitting) face by turning in these documents?

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