Meant4Teachers Privacy Policy

Meant4Teachers is committed to connecting teachers everywhere with free, shared resources. Resources are, to the best of our knowledge, obtained/contributed from locations that did not include a copyright, were free, and/or were displayed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License.

When a user contributes a resource, they are asked on the ‘Resource Sharing’ page to identify if they want their name shared with the resource – Meant4Teachers will follow the preference of the user’s selection. Meant4Teachers is not responsible for any reproduction of resources with or without the contributor’s name in any way.

Meant4Teachers may at any point decide to collect personal information such as user name and email in order to keep users connected to each other through things like a newsletter or other.

Meant4Teachers may also disclose personal information to a prospective purchaser of its business, or any material part of its business, for the purpose of evaluating the purchase, and/or to a purchaser of its business, or any material part of its business, who agrees to be bound by this Privacy Policy or a substantially similar privacy statement, to the extent reasonably required for the Purposes.

Meant4Teachers may from time to time disclose de-identified, aggregated information to an individual’s organization for the purposes of understanding and administering products, services and resources that meet the organization’s educational and professional needs, and communicating with the organization for that purpose, and/or offering the organization new products, services and resources that may be of interest to it.

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