Social Justice

Resources for Teaching Social Justice in Multiple Grades


Teaching Issues of Social Justice is something really important that can easily be incorporated into any subject. Below, you will find resources related to Teaching Injustice for various grades and levels. The resources below were obtained from the Teaching Injustice Workshop held at OISE/U of T during the Winter 2014 Semester.

Gr 4 Social Studies and Science - We Are All Connected.DOC

Gr 5, 6 Social Studies - Mining.DOC

Gr 8 Language - Mining and Media.DOC

Gr 9, 10 Science - Mined Minerals.DOC

Gr 10, 11, 12 Bio Science Nutrition - Nutrient Deficiency.DOC

General - Diamonds and Development.DOC

General - Lawsuit Against Mining Firm Brings Guatemalans to Toronto - Canada - CBC News.PDF

General - Letter of Apology to Yoli Oqueli.DOC

General - The Environmental Disaster That is the Gold Industry - Science - Smithsonian.PDF

General - Canadian Mining Companies & Investors Making a Killing.DOC

General - Defeat of Responsible Mining Bill is Missed Opportunity - The Globe and Mail.PDF

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