Union to Pearson Train


There has been a lot of talk lately surrounding the proposed train between Union Station in Downtown Toronto, and Pearson Airport in Mississauga. The idea is to connect the country’s busiest airport to its biggest city, all in 25 minutes. The fares however are making people think twice about whether they actually want it built. The train, which runs every 15 minutes, costs $27.50 for an adult, and $23.40 for students (http://www.upexpress.com/en/information/information.aspx).

Another point has also been raised recently, and that is whether or not the train should have multiple stops along its route from Union to Pearson, so that people wanting to go to the airport can board the train at different stops.

Union Pearson Express - Welcoming the World

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Calculate the distance between Union Station and Pearson Airport. It takes 25 minutes to get from one end to the other - how fast is the train going? If a train is departing Union Station every 15 minutes, and each trip takes 25 minutes, how many trains are moving along the track at one point in time?

Was it financially feasible to create this train? Where are the statistics that people will pay nearly $30 for a train ride to the airport?

Lastly, how can you place a train between downtown Toronto and Pearson Airport, when there is no space above ground?

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